What’s new: Apparel to string (and everything in between)

Fila Men's Summer Center Court Print Crew

Fila Women's Summer Baseline Sleeveless Tank

Wow! It was a holiday weekend, but that didn’t slow the influx of new gear. So without hesitation, let’s dive in and take a quick look at just some of the new items this week.

Fila’s summer fashions are here for men and women. The men’s Summer Center Court Group is a mix of blue, grey and white. The designs are clean, classic Fila. For the women, Fila went with floral for the Summer Baseline Group. The pieces are ultra feminine and classy.

We’ve just introduced Tasc to our apparel selection for both men and women. The fabric is fabulous. It’s an organic cotton-bamboo blend that offers moisture management and sun protection. It also washes well, holding its color and it doesn’t pill. Super comfortable, you’ll not want to take this stuff off. Wash and wear! Check out the casual silhouettes.


LoveAll Women's Love Hurts Tee

Another new line we’re carrying is LoveAll, which makes cute graphic tees for women. These burnout tees are cute with clever tennis graphics on them. The cut and style of these makes them a versatile option that women will feel comfortable wearing on or off the court. All the tees are made in the USA.

If you play tennis outside frequently, the LiveStrong SPF 50+ Sunscreen is something to consider. We often think of sunscreen for the summer, but sun protection is something we should think about year-round. The LiveStrong sunscreen is mineral-based and is free of chemical UV absorbers, PABA, parabens and BPA. Cost: $15.99 for 3 oz.

This next item is ideal for the player who wants to protect their headguard and frame from court scrapes. Peel and stick this to the outside of your frame to help prolong the paint and grommet strips. The Head Protection Tape is not precut and is 1.25 inches wide. For $3.95, you’ll get 16 feet of black head tape.

The French Open is in full swing, and Babolat has a special edition of its popular multifilament XCel string to celebrate. Babolat is offering XCel, an arm-friendly string choice, in black. We just added the 16 gauge reel to the site. With 660 feet of string in the reel, this is perfect for frequent string breakers, and for those who like hybrid string setups. Cost: $259.95. Don’t miss the rest of Babolat’s French Open gear and check out the Roland Garros shop.


Bosworth Wilson Sting Mid II Racquet (5/8)

When we put up new items on the Bosworth page, they tend to go fast. Found on the Vintage Racquet page, Bosworth racquets are always in limited supply. They are classic racquets, often designed for use by pro players, and are no longer in production. New and very limited in stock (only one!) is the Bosworth Wilson Sting Mid II Racquet, available only in the 4 5/8 grip size. This is a graphite racquet that fans of the Pro Staff 85 would find appealing.

Wilson Capri Tote Bag w/Cosmetic Case ($85)

Wilson’s just released a few of new bag collections, Capri, Verona and Sevilla, with a feminine touch. All three bag lines have three silhouettes: Backpack, Sling and Tote. The Sevilla bags are a classy quilted fabric, and the Verona bags are on trend with a metallic leather look. The Capri goes for classic, reminding me of Tiffany blue. The backpack is designed specially for tennis so it easily carries two racquets without their covers. The sling bag looks like a 3-pack but has drop shoulder straps more like a purse. The tote is always a versatile choice that you can use to carry racquets or use as a stylish carry-all. Each of these bags comes with a matching cosmetic case. Bonus!


Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Hoodies – Stay warm wherever!

There’s nothing like a good hoodie to chuck on after practice or to sloth around in. Wear it after a match, for warm up, on the weekends, in the week, at night, after work or at school… It’s endless! We have some really great hoodies at TW right now, and they’re all made of cotton and/or polyester, feature a hood and drawcord, a kangaroo pocket and a logo on the front. I thought I’d showcase a few… So rep your brand!

Always a big Babolat fan, I thought I’d include their Babolat Men’s Tennis Runs in Our Blood Hoodie. It’s comfy, it’s warm, and it comes in two colors. It’s easy to toss on and everyone will know what brand you’re all about.

Babolat Men's Tennis Runs in Our Blood Hoodie in black

Babolat Men's Tennis Runs in Our Blood Hoodie in black

Nothing like a company that brings the heat with their gear — just like the Athletic DNA Men’s Spring Pullover Hoodie. It comes in four colors and is super slick. I’ve seen people wearing it around the office here at TW and it looks great. Definitely a popular choice!

Athletic DNA Men's Spring Pullover Hoodie in Black w/Lime

Athletic DNA Men's Spring Pullover Hoodie in Black w/Lime

To mix things up with a zip up, I thought I’d throw in the KSwiss Men’s New Accomplish Hoodie. This one actually has 40+ UV protection, comes in two colors, is easy to put on and super comfortable. Mix it up? Yes, please.

KSwiss Men's New Accomplish Hoodie in Black/White

KSwiss Men's New Accomplish Hoodie in Black/White

One of my favorites is the Wilson Men’s Fleece Raglan Hoodie. Almost a little retro looking, and definitely high on comfort, this hoodie provides style and coziness! It also comes in two colors and displays Wilson boldly on the chest. Loving the old-school style here.

Wilson Men's Fleece Raglan Hoodie in Grey w/Black

Wilson Men's Fleece Raglan Hoodie in Grey w/Black

Yeah, you knew I was going to go there. I have one. Most, if not all of us in the web team have one. The Tennis Warehouse Men’s Split Sets Hooded Sweatshirt is a solid choice if you’re looking for a comfy hoodie. I wear mine everywhere, and love it to pieces. Rep TW. 

Tennis Warehouse Men's Split Sets Hooded Sweatshirt in Navy w/Orange & white

Tennis Warehouse Men's Split Sets Hooded Sweatshirt in Navy w/Orange & white

My favorite time to wear my hoodie right now? When I get home from work (after playing and talking and being around and arguing about and discussing tennis all day) — I switch on the French Open for some more tennis!! I have a bracket at work (so far I am coming close to last in both men’s and women’s! Eek!) and I will be supporting my picks all the way through to (hopefully) the finals! The couch, my hoodie and some great tennis are my after work go-tos right now. When are loving wearing your hoodie these days?

Over and out.


Babolat SFX: Slip into comfort


The Babolat SFX shoes are available for men and women.

“Aaaaahh!” What’s that sound, you ask? Those are my feet relaxing as I slip into my Babolat SFX shoes. We recently started playtesting Babolat’s latest shoe, and I am giddy with excitement over the level of cushioning in the SFX. I can feel my feet sink into the cushioning, and my feet feel cradled with love when I’m wearing them. The toe box does not constrict my wider feet, and while everyone else at TW who has tried on the shoe dropped a half-size, I felt best in my usual size 6.

Cushioning in a shoe usually relies on the midsole material. The SFX shoe is built with the Ergo-Motion midsole. The midsole equalizes pressure points by using two different materials. On the medial side, a rubber and EVA mix provides the resiliency to absorb impacts and more pressure. That’s where many tennis players put the most pressure as we are up on our toes a lot. On the lateral side, EVA Light provides additional cushioning. The heel’s Kompressor System aids with cushioning as well. It’s a rubber heel insert with rubber tubes that compress as you step and straighten back up as you lift your foot.

Another impressive feature the SFX is the Ergo-Motion Insole. Have you ever pulled out the insole of your tennis shoe? (Nearly all tennis shoes have removable insoles.) In general, the insole is a single layer and quite thin. Pull out the Ergo-Motion Insole, and the difference is immediately noticeable. Instead of one layer, there are five, plus soft EVA heel insert. Let’s break it down.

1. Anti-slip mesh: This top layer helps wick moisture and keep your feet in place.
2. Memory foam: Think of it as Tempur-Pedic for your feet. This is likely why I get that cradled feeling when I’m wearing the shoe. The memory foam molds to the shape of my foot.
3. PU Ortholite: This third layer offers long-lasting cushioning.
4. Spring EVA: Even more cushioning!
5. 3D EVA hard cup to offer heel support and stability. If you pull out the insole, you can see it. It’s the black, web-like material.
6. Soft EVA pad: This offers extra cushioning and sits into the heel cup. It’s the blue pod you’ll see on the bottom of your insole.

If you pick up a pair of these SFX shoes, take the insole challenge. Match up the insole from your last pair to the Ergo-Motion Insole and note the difference. These shoes are perfect if you’re looking for super comfort on court. And those with wider feet take note, there’s some room in this toe box. Rejoice!

Happy Hitting,
Tiffani, TW