Bright and Bold Sports Bras for Summer

OK, yes, I am like a broken record about the weather. But the sun is here to stay! At the office, those of us bold enough to expose our wintery skin to the sun have been starting to hit outside. Although it’s a bit of a change with the wind, sun and faster courts (our indoor court is niceee and slow), we’re loving the change of scenery. Although our apparel finder has banished them to the undergarments section, I will pull out some of the cool sports bras that we have into the daylight for you to see.  However you like to wear them, out in the sun no shirt, colors complementing a cute tank or under a tee, the bras that are out right now are fun and colorful. There’s nothing like a sweet sports bra to give you that little bit of extra encouragement to get out on court. And, this has been my common theme, why have something plain when it can have a fun twist to it?

First up I have for you the Tonic Women’s Spring Grand Slam Bra. It comes in five unique colors and has a cut out keyhole detail on the back that make it really different to any other bra you’ll own. (It is also offered in black and white if you want a more traditional approach.) It has a double scoop neck and mesh insets to make it comfortable and ventilated. It fits really well and will be comfortable under any shirt.

Tonic Women's Spring Grand Slam Bra

Tonic Women's Spring Grand Slam Bra in Cascade with Platinum

I also like the Nike Women’s Summer Reversible Strappy Bra. It comes in two colors, pink and grey and the best part? Both are reversible. Nothing like being able to change it up when you’re bored. Love it. It has adjustable spaghetti straps, which I really like for a change because they provide a lighter fit, as well as a mesh back for ventilation. One side has the Nick Swoosh on left chest, and when you reverse it there is a large Nike Swoosh on center chest. It’s designed with Dri-Fit to wick away the moisture and keep you as sweat free as possible.

Nike Women's Summer Reversible Strappy Bra

Nike Women's Summer Reversible Strappy Bra in Cool Grey with Tropical Twist

Another cool bra is the Under Armour Women’s Spring Seamless Essential Bra. It has a racer back and thin tank straps that are adjustable, and it is made of soft material for a lighter fit. Under Armour offers seamless compression for the best and most comfortable fit. It comes in pink and a lighter purple, and gives the sporty woman a sporty bra to match her personality. Definitely not a bra for someone looking for large amounts of support — for that you should check out the other bras that Under Armour offers.

Under Armour Women's Spring Seamless Essential Bra

Under Armour Women's Spring Seamless Essential Bra in Pink

To go down a different road you should also check out the adidas by Stella McCartney Performance Bra. A racer back style, sporty-looking bra that features a cut out on the back to show a little bit of extra skin. It’s soft and comfy, and it’s actually miCoach compatible — this allows you to track your workout so you know exactly what your stats are while you are playing or training. It comes in two colors, tomato (a red) and white, and they match up with the adidas by Stella McCartney line.

adidas by Stella McCartney Performance Bra in Tomato

adidas by Stella McCartney Performance Bra in Tomato

There are also more to check out on our website, and I suggest you make a little purchase like I did (I bought the Nike Women’s Spring Pro Bra in Spark Pink for a fun addition to my wardrobe). It’s definitely now or never to vamp your bra selection up with a bit of color.


The Kiwi (Siobhan)

Color me excited!

Come on up, give it a spin! Where will the wheel land?! Nobody knows!

I hope you like color because, boy, is it back in a big way. It doesn’t matter where on the color wheel your preference takes you because you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. 2012 is turning out to be a year not for the wallflower. If you’re a tennis player, it’s time again to be loud and proud with your gear. And don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors. These days, anything goes. Confidence is the only required matching accessory.

Your best accessory is always confidence.

To start things off, we have exclusive colors of the Asics Gel Resolution 4 for men and women that will match anything. It took every crayon in the box to make these! Remember, confidence is key, but that won’t be a problem when you’ve got these strapped to your feet.

Now on to women’s apparel (ladies first!)… Whether vibrant or soft sorbet in hue, orange, turquoise, teal, pink are all on trend this season. Mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Boring is out; color is in. Left to right, Puma Summer Perf Layer Tank, Nike Summer Tie Breaker Tank, Tonic Spring Grand Slam Tank, Athletic DNA Spring Sport Logo Top, Jofit Acapulco Athletic Tank, and adidas Spring barricade Tank

The Puma Women’s Summer Perf Layer Tank and Athletic DNA Sport Logo Top are perfect examples of mixing and matching the season’s colors. These top show us how it’s done by mixing three colors for a summery, bright look for those who like a laidback style.

Nike’s Summer Tie Breaker Tank and the Jofit Acupulco Sport Tank also show off a tri-color design, too, but have more of a match-ready appeal.

Still infused with color but taking on a more solid design, the adidas Spring barricade Tank and Tonic Spring Grand Slam Tank hit the mark as well.

Lime, bright yellow or green, whatever you call it, it's in style. From left, Lacoste Spring Neon Croc T-shirt, Head Spring Performance Polo, adidas Game Set Smash T-Shirt, Wilson Summer 1 Explosive Crew, Athletic DNA Spring Motion Crew, Nike Summer Distraction Hoodie.

Men who have a zest for life or like fashion with a twist are in luck. Lime is the flavor, nay color, of the season. (Did I lay it on too thick with the puns there? Sorry about that!)

For the casual guy, tees are the easy go-to. The Lacoste Neon Croc T-Shirt cools down the lime with a grey base, but adidas goes all out for the lime with the latest color of the Game Set Smash tee.

Performance fabric fans will find plenty of lime, too, as evidenced by the crop of crews and polos in the bright hue. Pictured here are the Head Spring Performance Polo, Wilson Summer 1 Explosive Crew and Athletic DNA Spring Motion Crew.

I suspect that lime’s popularity is not going to fade because Nike’s Distraction Hoodie in grey/lime is going to easily be warm enough for late spring cold fronts and the onset of fall.

Volkl V-Tac Overgrip in Orange

Just want to throw in one last hurrah for color. Have you checked out the new colors of Volkl’s V-Tac Overgrips? The orange is super bright, and the green ain’t too shabby either.

We’ll see you (get it? haha) out at the courts.

Happy Hitting!
Tiffani, TW

Jump Start Your Spring Workout

Now that winter has officially ended and the sun is out, the warm weather is the perfect motivation to get out and get moving. Since graduating college almost two years ago (where has the time gone?!), I went from playing 4 hours a day of tennis to 1 hour a day. I have had my ups and downs when it comes to working out after graduating. I had a bout with spin classes (so much fun and so much sweat!) and a bout with eating out and drinking wine (we are in wine country, I can’t help it!). However, I found a new motivation a couple weeks ago. It’s called Mud Mash X, a 10-mile obstacle course that is not for the faint of heart and, you guessed it, includes mud! I was hooked by the mud run craze after completing a 5K Warrior Dash two weeks ago with fellow TW playtesters Siobhan and Jason.

Jason, Siobhan and I at Warrior Dash

Now that the Mud Mash X is 5 weeks away, I have put in 1 week of training and let me tell you it is not easy. I do have a background in long distance running and have completed 2 half marathons in the past so I know how to get in running shape. Besides the weather, what are some good motivations to go out and go? Here is my list to get me through the tough days:

1)    New music- adding some new fast paced music to my iPod always helps

2)    Workout with buddies- I tend to hold myself more accountable to run/hike when I have set up a date with a friend. I even don’t mind my friends with bad knees riding a bike next to me!

3)    Setting a goal- mine is the Mud Mash X!

4)    New workout clothes- nothing beats it!

And luckily, Tennis Warehouse has gotten in a new crop of training and workout clothes that I am absolutely drooling over. The first outfit is the adidas Summer adiStripe Tank and adidas Summer Blitz short. I love the summery feel of the striped tank matched, and with the sporty short, it’s perfect for a long run or tennis clinic.

adidas Summer adiStripe Tank and adidas Summer Blitz Shorts

The next outfit can be found in the Puma section. The Puma Summer Faas Tank comes in two bright colors with a bonus of being reversible so you get two different color shirts in one. Pair the tank with the Puma Summer Faas Short, which is perfect for a yoga class or practice match!

Puma Summer Faas Tank and Short

Under Armour is known for its workout clothes and doesn’t let us down in the tennis department. One of my favorite shorts – the Under Armour Spring Play It Up Short is a loose short that’s perfect for a weekend hike or private tennis lesson. Match it with the Under Armour Spring Tech Sleeveless Tank to complete the look.

Under Armour Spring Tech Sleeveless Tank and Under Armour Spring Play It Up Short

Lastly, by the end of your workout kick, you will want to show off your body. Head toward the Nike Training section for a variety of workout bras and shorts and skorts. Combine the Nike Summer Racerback Bra with the Nike Summer Woven Skort to use for a beach run or throw on a Nike Summer Legend Tank to be tournament ready!

Nike Summer Racerback Bra, Nike Summer Summer Woven Skort, and Nike Summer Legend Tank

What do you like working out in?

Ad Out,